“Identifying and working

with the modern

challenges surrounding

High Deductibles . . .

the first steps towards

high recovery &

high patient satisfaction.”


Our Modern Healthcare Challege:

The healthcare industry continues to get more complex, putting more and more pressure on your staff.  Higher deductibles, longer payment terms, out of network physicians, increased insurance denials and yet you still have the same number of staff to service patient billing and collection needs. It all adds up to compounding revenue that’s stalled when it should be in your pocket.

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“Intelligent strategy drives

exceptional results.”


Revenue Solution:

The patient relationship has to come first and, just as important, revenue is critical to the health of a practice.  At CBusa, you get both.  A patient eccentric service that understands your specialty and your patients.  Patients get the attention to detail and support they need to resolve their bills.  You, as our client, receive consistent revenue, faster, without complaints and with more resources at your fingertips.


The Perfect Synergy:

Think about your AR in the hands of amazing people at a fraction of the cost.  Patients are happy because CBusa has the tools to service their needs.  You are happy because your revenue stream is strong and your staff isn’t overwhelmed.


CBusa, your vision, our commitment . . . mutual success.