“A strong understanding of the demands of growers, supported by asset driven recovery processes & professional Legal Services.”


Irrigation Recovery is a specialty of CBusa.  Working throughout the Western United States with special emphasis in California, CBusa has developed a collection process that balances the needs of our clients with the seasonal demands of the grower.  


We intimately understand the overall "Input Costs" that farmers deal with on a monthly basis and take the time to evaluate cash flow priorities to ensure your debt is first and foremost.  We then utilize our extensive network within the Ag Industry to evaluate the asset portfolio of the farmer and determine who else they owe money too.  Ultimately, it is our goal to move faster and be more nimble than the other creditors so that your debt is the first priority.


The net result of our working protocols develops real cash return to your business without any tarnish on your name.


Take the time to talk with us about your challenges and we will provide you a service that will be essential to your cash flow for years to come.



Business to Business Collections & Litigation within the state of California requires a focused and nimble company, and CBusa is perfectly designed for these demanding collection requirements.  Contrary to the belief of the industry, it is the National collection agencies that want to be able to work and function like us, not the other way around.

CBusa works free of border compliance issues and drawn out legal complexities associated with a dramatic separation from clients & little understanding of the court systems.  We understand the speed necessary to secure your debt and have proven resources to locate assets and evaluate the financial position of debtors.                                                                                                 



Business to Business Litigation within California is about assets, speed and leverage.  Contrary to beliefs of the industry, litigation is not reserved for accounts greater than $10,000 and doesn't require years of expensive trial. 


CBusa intimately understands the California court systems and has a long history of working with the nations most difficult legal system to successfully obtain judgment without cross complaint.

In the event that non-legal collection efforts by CBusa have not achieved the desired results, accounts are then moved quickly through our legal protocols.  These protocols create significant pre-legal pressure on the debtor, and has proven to be a valuable feature in our collection process.  The law office manages all further litigation matters in addition to certain complex collection efforts.  When legal enforcement is identified as our last option, CBusa advances all court costs and attorney fees without recourse to our clients.

The business model of CBusa is simplistic, clean & powerful.  Whether your business was born in California or out of state with locations within California, you simply can't afford to ignore the option of specializing your collection efforts within these borders.