Established in 1935 & 3rd Generation Family Owned

CBusa combines cutting edge technology and skilled personnel to offer clients a rewarding and professional relationship.  Our expertise in the healthcare field & specialization in the laboratory, pathology & radiology verticals is inclusive of numerous Fortune 500 & 100 companies, including Specialty Physician Billing Groups, Hospitals and premiere Laboratories throughout the Western United States.

Each successful relationship with our clients is a byproduct of over 80 years of intelligent and highly creative solutions.  CBusa seamlessly manages the relationship through automation and further supports the relationship with designated, highly skilled staff.  The key to our success . . . maintaining a "real time" relationship!

CBusa has made every effort to be highly proficient in system interfacing with clients and offers professional thoughts on process improvement, development, statistical analysis and strategic collection practices.  Strong efforts are focused in proactively resolving collection issues prior them reaching a level that affects our client's bottom line.

CBusa has a perfect history in protecting entrusted data for clients.  The Cloud systems and safeguards in place exceed HIPAA requirements and currently exceed all Red Flag, PCI and HITECH regulations.  FCB invests significant resources to ensure sensitive data is secure to the highest available levels and staff workstations exceed all government requirements.

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